Pug Training


In many ways a Pug is like any other dog, which means that they require training. Just like people, sometimes dogs get lonely, sad or angry and they act out. It is up to you as a Pug owner to teach and train your dog on the appropriate ways to act and behave so that there is harmony in your home.

Watch What You Do

Your Pug will follow your lead. If you allow your dog to get by with chewing shoes or other personal items without ramifications, they will think that this is okay. So it is important that you take the time to train your Pug properly.

More than anything, your Pug wants love and attention from you. Sometimes they misbehave in an attempt to get your attention, whether that is good or bad. You want to be gentle, but firm with your Pug. When he mishaves, correct him immediately so as to not confuse him. If he, on the other hand, has good behavior, be sure to recognize that too in the form of positive talk, petting, or even a treat from time to time. This is how your Pug will come to understand what is expected of him.

Best Methods of Positive Reinforcement

When your Pug does something right, you should praise him. The best way to praise him is by talking to him. “Good boy”! is always something your dog will understand. You can pat him on the head, let him lay in your lap, or give him a treat from time to time.

Best Methods of Negative Reinforcement

When your Pug has done something you do not want him to do again, there are many ways to go about simple reinforcement that the behavior is not appreciated. The simplest thing is to say with a sharp voice, “No!”. If, for example, your pug has been chewing on a cupboard or a shoe, remove them from the location or take the shoe away and reinforce with a stern voice. Your Pug will come to understand that you are not happy, and since your pet wants to please you, they will learn to stop the behaviors which do not please you.

It should go without saying that you should never hit or swat your Pug, this is very bad to do.