Basic Care



Care and Maintenance

Pug dog care is not troublesome because the hide is short, so it does not require maintenance such as other pets. Pug dogs bathe regularly, about once a month.

Ensure the face is clean because pugs can be susceptible to skin disease. Use a soft brush to brush the hair every day and use a delicate touch. Also ensure that the pugs eyes are clean as they can be susceptible to dust that can cause irritation or excessive tears.


Pugs do not need training, just give them enough space to play inside the house or outside. In the event that you want to bring him of the house consider the morning or late afternoon when the sun is not excessively hot. Pugs can be vulnerable to heat stroke, so take caution.


What is that you hear when your pug is sleep? Pugs snore often when sleeping, it’s nothing to be alarmed about


Give the dog sustenance with protein and fat that are not too high. At least 25% of protein is ideal and fat between 10-12%. In the event that a given protein and fat is too high, then it may cause itching of the skin and cause the dog to have diarrhea.

Most, pug dogs appetite are very high. Measure the portions in let the dog eat in moderation. Even a dog as small as a pug can be prone to weight gain if fed too much. As for directions on how to feed your pug at the veterinarian if you have quesetions and read the instructions on the food thoroughly.

It would be great to choose a food with a lot of vitamins, to ensure a healthy coat and overall good level of health and happiness.